news iconBook Launch: October 27 - 30 AASL 15th National Conference & Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN


The authors all appeared at the Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. booth at AASL where they signed books for the newly released Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within.


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Authors also made other presentations at the conference.


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Welcome to the companion Web site for Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within from Neal-Schuman Publishers. This site provides an opportunity for you to extend and enrich your learning through information and activities related to the book.

The words "What You'll Find" are inside triangle graphic.


In addition to information about each of us, we have included the following sections related to each chapter of the book:


Chirps: Inspired by Twitter, chirps are short conversations among the authors about some of the critical topics covered within a chapter.


Assess Your Learning: This brief set of questions tests your learning about some of the concepts presented in the chapter. Each question includes its cognitive level (according to the new Bloom's Taxonomy). A link to answers to the questions is also provided.


Case Study Extension: If you want to read more about the evolving collaborative relationship between Harry and Sally, you'll find it here. In addition, we've included a couple of related questions to ponder.


More Resources to Dig Deeper: For those of you who want to learn more about a specific topic covered in that chapter, we provide you with additional resources including articles, books, blogs, twitter discussions, and more.

Book Cover of Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within