news iconBook Launch: October 27 - 30 AASL 15th National Conference & Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN


The authors all appeared at the Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. booth at AASL where they signed books for the newly released Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within.


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Authors also made other presentations at the conference.


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Answers for Chapter 1 Assessing Your Learning

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Question 1: Inquiry as an important learning concept evolved from the work of which three researchers? [Remember]

Answer: Dewey, Vygotsky, Lewin


Question 2: What are the six phases of the Stripling Model of Inquiry? [Remember]

Answer: Wonder, Investigate, Construct, Express, Reflect, Connect


Question 3: What is an outward demonstration of motivation? [Remember]

Answer: Effort


Question 4: Is providing a bookmark as reading incentive an example of an intrinsic or extrinsic reward? [Analyze]

Answer: While bookmarks are extrinsic rewards they can lead to intrinsic motivation because they are directly relevant to the task of reading.


Question 5: What is one example of a motivation strategy for each of the four elements of the ARCS Model of Motivational Design? [Create]

Answer: Responses will vary.


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