news iconBook Launch: October 27 - 30 AASL 15th National Conference & Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN


The authors all appeared at the Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. booth at AASL where they signed books for the newly released Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within.


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Authors also made other presentations at the conference.


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"I not only use all of the brains I have, but all I can borrow." -- Woodrow Wilson

Photo of Pam Berger Pam: While we all agree that librarian-teacher collaboration is such a benefit to student learning, it is sometimes so hard to convince teachers and administrators of this.



Photo of Barbara Stripling Barbara: Especially at the elementary level. When teachers collaborate with their librarian, information literacy skills are put into a relevant context for students.



Photo of Ruth SmallRuth: We've all seen example after example of the benefits of collaboration to teachers, librarians, and their students. In our New York State school library impact study, one teacher described one of the ways she collaborates with librarian, "Claudine."


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Icon for Quotation MarksOur librarian, Claudine, was of immense help. In September of this year, she sat down with me and helped plan out a unit on environmental issues. Because of Claudine, my students were able to use video cameras and movie maker to make short films of how the environment around them is impacted by issues like global warming and introduced species.