news iconBook Launch: October 27 - 30 AASL 15th National Conference & Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN


The authors all appeared at the Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. booth at AASL where they signed books for the newly released Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within.


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Authors also made other presentations at the conference.


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More to the Story

Harry and Sally have come a long way. They have planned instruction that is collaborative and incorporates project-based learning, a team approach, and technology. Harry is excited about the progress they have made in collaborating and the positive feedback they were getting from students about what they had learned and how they had enjoyed having both instructors. While Sally is still not totally comfortable with all of the changes in their approach, she is surprised to find that her attitude toward teaching has been reinvigorated. Her collaboration with Harry was reminiscent of her earlier teaching years when she was much more of a risk taker and didn't feel bogged down by the current emphasis on testing and assessment, even though she understands their importance. Sally also discovered that by collaborating with Harry, she not only could try some new and different ways of teaching in her classroom that she hadn't tried before, but also found that what she was learning from Harry has had an impact on her development as a teacher.


Best of all, their collaboration has resulted in a positive impact on her students' achievement and motivation. Several students have asked her if they could do this again with another topic.

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Things to Ponder

  1. Now that Harry and Sally have had a successful collaboration experience, how do you think they might collaborate the next time?
  2. How might this experience impact Harry's ability to get other teachers involved in collaboration experiences?