news iconBook Launch: October 27 - 30 AASL 15th National Conference & Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN


The authors all appeared at the Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. booth at AASL where they signed books for the newly released Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within.


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Authors also made other presentations at the conference.


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"It is information technology that has enabled this new creative era, expanding the space for speculative thought." -- John Kao

Photo of Pam BergerPam: Web 2.0 technologies increase student motivation and engagement. They can also have an impact on how librarians collaborate with classroom teachers.



Photo of Marilyn Arnone Marilyn: I love the way kids use technology in such creative ways. I think we have only begun to see the ways in which social media can be used in education.



Photo of Barbara Stripling Barbara: It will be the librarians who will have to lead the use of Web 2.0 technologies. So many districts are limiting their use instead of finding ways to use them effectively.



Photo of Ruth SmallRuth: I agree but librarians can have an impact on these attitudes toward technology by teaching students the ethical and responsible use of technology.

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